What is MyGSM?
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What is a GSM unit?
A GSM unit is a device that can be attached to any of your electronic items or appliances. It utilises the same GSM cellular networks that mobile phones use. This allows for a very convenient and long-distance method of wireless connectivity to a variety of devices that you may wish to monitor and control. From gates and garages, irrigation systems and pumps, to lights and alarms - GSM units can interface with them all. More and more home owners, businesses, lodges, farmers, self-storage facilities and security companies are turning to GSM units to achieve the ultimate in convenient and cost-effective control of their world.
How does it work?
A network-activated SIM card is placed inside the GSM unit. The item or appliance connected to the unit is subsequently opened, closed, switched on or switched off by making a phone call to the SIM card number. However, as a security precaution, only activated phone numbers are accepted by the unit, allowing you to have exclusive control over access to the unit.  Click here to watch how, for example, you would install a GSM unit to your gate motor.
What is the MyGSM.co.za web portal?
That's where the MyGSM.co.za web portal comes into a league of its own. MyGSM.co.za is an online user interface that connects you to your GSM unit. It allows you to add users (friends, family, employees) and even set up temporary users with time-controlled access, for example guests at B&Bs and guesthouses. The portal also enables you to stay in contact with clients and contacts via a handy built-in "Bulk SMS" feature.
How much does it cost?
MyGSM offers two signup options - a free account with all of the vital features required to manage your GSM unit, or a paid account which costs a subscription fee of R9.00 a month. The paid option offers advanced functionality which is perfect for B&Bs and guesthouses.
MyGSM works on a "credit-based" system. At the time of your initial signup you'll be given ten free credits enabling you to try things out, and thereafter you'll be able to buy credits for as little as R0.40 each. Every time you add a user to, or remove a user from, your unit, you will be charged one credit. Every bulk SMS sent out to clients and contacts will also cost one credit. MyGSM's credit charges are transparent and simple to understand.
Where can I buy a GSM unit?
Find your nearest GSM unit stockist by browsing our list of accredited resellers.
What is the shortest number I can add onto the unit?
Any number you add must be between 9 and 25 digits long.
Any other questions?
If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to find out more about where GSM units can be used, please feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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